We asked our listeners this week what type of driver annoys them the most. We had seen a thread on Reddit about how pick-up truck drivers don't use their signal and hog the left lane.

It seems like big pick-ups are the new villains on the road. Back in the day, it was beamer drivers. Then came SUVs.

People still resent luxury car drivers because it seems like they drive like a-holes. I did notice when I drove an Audi for a while, I would drive a little more douchy than I did before in my "normal" car.

The majority of our callers today identified Prius drivers as the worst. A close second was minivans followed by the big loud pick-up trucks and older Japanese cars with loud mufflers. Depending on what part of the state, you may not see too many of either of those.

An irritated young man driving a vehicle is expressing his road rage.

Of course in the polarized times we live in, anyone or anything that is different from us seems to annoy us. Believe it or not, people even judge the drivers according to what color of car they drive.

Apparently, people who drive white cars are the best, followed by black cars. Red car drivers apparently are the worst. That's never crossed my mind but apparently people do take notice.

The main complaints from most Jersey drivers continue to be New York and Pennsylvania drivers, depending on which half of the state you live in. Also, the left-lane hogs and people who don't know how to use turn signals always top any list of the drivers that annoy people the most here in Jersey.

Remember driving is a privilege and that privilege should be taken away from those who don't meet our driving approval.

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