President Donald Trump took aim at Bruce Springsteen during his rally Thursday night in Minneapolis — as The Donald criticized the Boss' appearance at rallies during the 2016 presidential campaign.

The president talked about his own rally the night before the election, saying it was "one of the greatest evenings in the history of this country" and happened with just supporters, and no celebrity help.

"I didn’t need Beyonce and Jay Z, and I didn’t need little Bruce Springsteen and all of these people." Trump said. "They’d get all these people. They’d come in because she couldn’t get a crowd. They’d come in, they’d sing. They got Bruce Springsteen. OK? He’d do about two songs and leave. What happens is, they leave, and then everyone leaves with them, and she’s still speaking in front of the same lousy crowd. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen."

CNN reported that Beyonce and Jay Z appeared with Clinton at a rally in Cleveland the weekend before Election Day.

Springsteen played three songs outside Independence Hall in Philadelphia the night before the 2016 election and urged a vote for Clinton, according to Rolling Stone's coverage of the rally.

"Hillary’s candidacy is based on intelligence, experience, preparation and of an actual vision of America where everyone counts,” Springsteen was quoted as telling the crowd.

Springsteen has also criticized Trump.

“This is a man whose vision is limited to little beyond himself, who has the profound lack of decency that would allow him to prioritize his own interests and ego before American democracy itself,” Springsteen said of Trump, according to Rolling Stone.

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