To most of New Jersey, Salem County is never "on the way."

Even the county calls itself "the road less traveled" in promotional materials.

But whether you're there or not, Salem County's 15 communities have something to offer on a daily basis, especially to folks looking for a respite from a hustle-and-bustle lifestyle, without having to break the bank.

"We are a hidden secret," County Commissioner Ed Ramsay told New Jersey 101.5. "I can still go from one side of this county to the other in 20 minutes, and every time I do it, I appreciate it."

The remote county, located in the southwest corner of the Garden State and bordering the Delaware River, is not the smallest county in state, but it is the least populated — 64,837 residents in 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. That's down by more than 1,000 from 10 years prior.

The list below runs down some of the options that are available year-round or for much of the year.

There are also a number of special events lined up through the end of 2021, such as Halloween and Christmas tours, as well as Arts in Bloom, scheduled for Oct. 16 and 17, which utilizes more than 20 locations throughout the county to showcase the works of dozens of artists.

Things to do in Salem County, NJ

The least populated county in New Jersey is out of the way for most New Jerseyans. Here's a sample of things to do and appreciate should you choose to take a trip to Salem County.

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