Hurry, hurry step right up! It’s a real circus and it returns to New Jersey at the American Dream in East Rutherford, NJ.

The Royal Canadian International Circus will perform on Sept. 14 and will run through Sept. 23 for 17 big shows.

I love the fact that they are bringing back the actual Big Top to perform under and according to a press release by the Royal Canadian International Circus, here’s the fun that you can expect.

They’ll have daredevils extraordinaire, the Wheel of Destiny, amazing Aerialists and Trapeze Artists, The African Bone Breakers Contortionists as seen on America’s Got Talent, plus the fabulous Fernandez Globe of Death extreme motor cyclists, Speed Juggler Nilson Escobar, the Dominguez Duo Crossbow Thrill Act, Fantastic 5 Guerrero High Wire, Comedy and more!

The Ringmaster is a 9th-generation daredevil himself and from what I can see from the reviews a spectacular performer.

Concern for circus animals

Those of you who have concerns and have stayed away from circuses because of the accusations of animal cruelty and the captivity of wild animals, the Royal Canadian International Circus has dropped the use of elephants, tigers, big cats and bears from their circuses and the performance is mostly an all-human talent circus.

The fun for kids of all ages awaits at the American Dream in East Rutherford. What a great opportunity to take your kids and enjoy the circus. I’m glad that the circus is back in New Jersey. It’s been a while.

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Have fun!

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