New Jersey has been named the second-best state to grow up in by Wallethub, and I totally agree. There's a sense of neighborhood community that exists here that can be found whether you live in the city, suburbs or at the shore. I've experienced that first hand.

I grew up in Union City at a time when we counted some 50 kids all living within five blocks of each other and within five years of each other. We all knew each other and looked out for each other and if we didn't, our parents did.

Every day I'd go to 17th Street Park and wait for the crowd to show up. Once everyone arrived, we'd play whatever sports were in season — be it touch football in the street, basketball on a backboard and rim that we'd run up a telephone pole with rope, punch ball, curb ball, or street hockey. Later we'd go to the local candy store and whoever had money would buy for everybody. I'm still good friends with many of those "kids."

Later we moved to Marlboro, where there weren't nearly as many kids, but lots of land. It was a different type of fun. Many of us had lived in the city and brought those ways with us. Again, I'm still close to many of them as well.

Now I'm raising my sons in Roosevelt. What's great about Roosevelt is that you can be a kid longer. My 13-year-old sons hang out with friends they have had since pre-school.  I look at them playing football on my lawn or basketball up at the school and I think about the "Cats in the Cradle" line. They've "grown up just like me." Believe me, if you're going to quote that line about your life, that's the way you want to use it. For me, giving them that kind of life is the best thing I could do for them.

No matter where you grew up in New Jersey, it's special to you. In that respect, I asked what was the best part about growing up in New Jersey? See if you remember any of these:

The best things about growing up in New Jersey as said by you

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