When I was growing up in Union City we once counted some sixty kids that lived between Kennedy Blvd to Palisade Avenue and from 13th street to 18th street. We were all within five years of each other and since we spent most of our time together on the street, (there were no “play dates” back in the day) we became sort of a dysfunctional family.

Jay Woodworth/Getty Images
Jay Woodworth/Getty Images


I’m very lucky that for me, that family still exists. I still keep in touch with a lot of the people I grew up with. My oldest friend Rob Pisani, make that Captain Robert Pisani of the North Hudson Fire Department (but to us, he’s still ‘Robbo”) I’ve known since I was 4 years old in Kindergarten. He is one of many. One of the many great things about staying in touch is that as great as the old memories were the new ones are even better. Another thing is that no matter how old you get or what you have accomplished in your life, you’re all still the kids on the block when you get together.


A group of 40 something kids in Spokane have been playing tag for the past 23 years.


Could there be anything on the planet more fun than still hanging out with the kids you grew up with? They know you better than anyone, maybe even yourself. I love telling my 6 year old sons about their uncles that I have known since I was their age!


There’s a certain point in your friendship where you realize that you’re in for the duration and will be sharing the rest of your life together, and that’s a very comforting feeling.  Do you still keep in touch with the kids you grew up with? How often do you still see each other? Let us hear your stories below.

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