New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy took the oath of office on Tuesday becoming the 56th Governor of the State. On the morning show, I discussed the huge opportunity the new governor has to fix our state and make it affordable again for middle and working class families.

The Governor, in his speech, essentially mapped out a plan that is anything but positive for NJ residents, homeowners and taxpayers. He discussed off shore drilling as a point of contention with the Trump Administration, ignoring the clear safety record and revenue windfall that could result if he approached the issue in a measured way. He discussed DACA essentially speaking directly to the 18,000 or so "dreamers" in NJ as a statement of unity and inclusion. Hmm, what about the other nearly 9 million New Jerseyans who heard the Governor essentially apologize for criminal aliens during his campaign?

Then he made a reference to Haiti, again taking a shot at the President in what sounded more like a 2020 Democratic presidential primary speech than a speech from a guy who needs to get to work tomorrow morning as Governor. Never mind that Senators at the meeting where Trump allegedly said "sh*thole countries" have come out to say it didn't happen. Never mind that a cabinet secretary testified under oath on Tuesday that the President simply did not say it. Clearly Governor Murphy is not gonna let facts get in the way of his personal agenda and ambition for higher office.

So, Haiti, DACA, the Paris Accord, offshore drilling all made the final cut for the speech. You know what we didn't hear? Education funding, pension reform and New Jersey Transit. Arguable the three most important issues facing the new guy. I'm disappointed, but not surprised. Disappointed because we just finished eight years with a guy at the helm who was clearly more interested in everything, but doing a good job as governor.

Going forward, every Tuesday, I will dedicate at least an hour of the morning show for you to call in and "Tell the Governor". Different than "Ask the Governor" or "Digging In With Kim", where listeners could chat directly and ask questions usually to solve problems with Motor Vehicle registrations, licenses, unemployment checks, permits and any other problem that the bureaucracy required the direct involvement of the number one and two executives in the state. This segment will be for you to tell him what you think the priority should be. What to fix next. Where to focus energy and resources. Maybe even tell him he's doing a fine job. Get ready. This is our state, let's make sure the guy in charge of Government is held accountable.

I'll be at the inaugural celebration this evening at MetLife Stadium and will report back to you on the show Wednesday morning!

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