Yup, words you may have spoken yourself to describe a place you recently left. I know I've said it after traveling to some parts of the globe. I may have uttered the words coming out of some restaurants in my past as well. The latest controversy is over whether the President of the United States uttered the words describing certain nations in Africa and Haiti as "sh*tholes".

Truth and verification are no concern for the trolls on social media, and apparently the alleged professionals at CNN as cable news and the internet flared up on Thursday over the reported comments. Social media was there to make sure the controversy had legs and could be a several day story.

According to a report from the Washington Post, the President said the words in a closed door meeting. First of all, the report whether true or not, is from a closed door meeting. So before we get all carried away on what is appropriate Presidential behavior in public, the accusation is not that he said it in public. Of course I couldn't resist weighing in on Twitter....

Then let's look at the reality of the places described. If in fact he said it, calling a place like Haiti, Sudan and Somalia "sh*tholes" may actually be too soft a term. Disease, starvation, dictators, slavery all point to parts of the world that in fact do seem like sh*tholes when compared to the prosperity, safety and security of the United States.

It's not inherently racist nor bigoted to point out the obvious about conditions in nations barely surviving. There's a reason why people come to America. I don't recall seeing lines of people trying to get into the "sh*thole" nations for a better life, do you?

Time for people to get over the #FakeOutrage. Just to look at it from a Left wing perspective, how long will the Trump detractors allow themselves to be completely and utterly distracted by non-issues? While you were whining about words, the economy is surging to new heights, ISIS is on the run and has been nearly decimated with the new rules of military engagement. Jobs are coming back in droves from foreign nations, taxes are being lowered, government waste is being curtailed and our borders are being protected better than ever before.

The Right did the same thing to Obama and Clinton. The Left also did it to Reagan... anyone remember "...outlaw Russia forever. We begin bombing in 5 minutes."? That comment generated weeks of analysis about the President's mental health and supposed desire to destroy the world. Gimme a break.

Meanwhile the American people respond to leadership and results. Other than social media and CNN, most people are adult enough to see through the distractions. I wonder if it's just Trump being honest and not seeing a line between public display and private comments, or... if he's simply smart enough to know that if you throw out a couple 'word bombs' every so often the enemy will be distracted long enough to enable his to actually accomplish something positive for the nation.

So by all means, keep up the #FakeOutrage over #Russia and #Racism and whatever else will upset the #NeverTrump crowd by Monday. We'll see you at the President's re-election celebration in 2020.

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