MIDDLETOWN — A teenager was charged with making terroristic threats to a high school on social media.

Classes were held as normal at Middletown High School North on Thursday after Middletown Police determined that the threat was not credible. Details of the threat were not disclosed.

The news website More Monmouth Musings posted a video first posted on Snapchat showing a box of 38 bullets. "F***ing 38 bullets. Why he has this many? Lord knows you in Keansburg not Camden," said the voice.

The post included a photo with the message that the "Big s--t school year bouta (sp) be 37 times more exquisitely lit. Brass boys brass boys waht you finna do wen dey come fo u" with flame emojis.

Police on Thursday announced on their Facebook page that a teen had been arrested in connection with the threat. Police said rumors of other groups and suspects were investigated and determined to be unfounded.

The juvenile's family was cooperative in the investigation, police said.

"More importantly, we would also like to reassure the community that an extensive search was conducted and we are confident that the individual does not possess or have access to any firearms or ammunition, despite any videos or images that may have been posted," read the message.

Police said they have increased their presence in the area to alleviate any concerns reiterated there is no danger to the school community.

Middletown North is one of two high schools in the Monmouth County township and has a student population of 1,477.

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