Eileen Grady's car is damaged to the tune of $3,500 and she's told she's stuck paying for it. She was driving by a Target store in Paramus when she suddenly felt something crash into her side. It turns out it was one of those giant 2 ton red balls that Targets have out in front of their entrances.

What happened was a pickup truck ran into one knocking it loose. From there the chaos ensued. It began to roll in the parking lot, straight into traffic, and straight into her. It would have damaged more vehicles but another shopper saw the thing continue to roll and jumped out of his car to throw his weight against it and stop it.

Check out the video here in this abc7ny.com report and you'll see the whole thing happen on a surveillance camera. Grady feels Target should pay, since it's their giant red ball that hit her. Target denied her claim, saying she instead should go after the pickup truck driver. Problem is Paramus police could not make out the truck's license plate from the video. Besides, Grady says it seems the pickup truck only slightly grazed the ball and that it must have been already loose for it to start rolling like that. She's not even certain the pickup truck driver knew they had hit it. She says she's going to take Target to small claims court.

Think about this. Let's say a person has a $1,000 deductible. Something like this happens and you can't find the driver of the pickup truck. Should she really be out this money when it was part of Target's infrastructure that was the very thing that damaged her car? Let Target pay for her damages and they in turn can then go after the pickup truck driver to recoup their loss. This company earns billions of dollars a year. The bad press alone is not worth them being cheap over $3,500.


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