New Jersey's Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil has been hospitalized in Florida after suffering a seizure.


Patricia Krentcil on WLNY's On the Couch (WLNY TV)

TMZ reports that Krentcil, who is bring treated for alcoholism at the The Lukens Institute in Palm Beach County, was rushed to a hospital on Saturday morning where she will remain under observation for the next few days.

Krentcil has been at Lukens to complete a 30-day program since June when she felt she had hit "rock bottom" following an incident at the airport in Minneapolis.  After causing a scene over re-entering the airport after going outside for a smoke, she was placed in a detox center instead of being jailed.

TMZ earlier reported that Krenctil fell off the wagon and was tanning again while in Florida. She bought 9 tanning sessions at the Copper Top tanning salon and a session in the salon's strongest bed called the "celebrity bed."

In recent months, Krentcil has launched her own line of self tanning products with skin expert Dana Ramos, done a live comedy show, posed for topless photos, performed a rap song and appeared in an an episode of the gay porn series Kings Of New York in an effort to pay off her legal bills from her legal fight against charges she brought her 7 year old daughter into a tanning booth. Those charges were dropped.