Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil was sent to a detox facility following an incident at the Minneapolis Airport.


Patricia Krentcil records her song
Patricia Krentcil records her song (Splash News)

KARE TV reports Krentcil was intoxicated at the Delta Airlines terminal on Thursday night and security was called.

The Montclair resident, according to TMZ, was on a layover when she went outside for a smoke. When she tried  to re-enter the secure area of the terminal she was refused because TSA guards said she was intoxicated.

Krentcil was taken for a 30-hour drying out at a nearby rehabilitation center.

In recent months, Krentcil has launched her own line of self tanning products with skin expert Dana Ramos, done a live comedy show, posed for topless photos, performed a rap song and appeared in an an episode of the gay porn series Kings Of New York in an effort to pay off her legal bills from her legal fight against charges she brought her 7 year old daughter into a tanning booth.

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