​If you remember Patricia Krentcil then you definitely remember the nickname Tan Mom. She's the Nutley, NJ woman who was arrested but never indicted for bringing her 5 year old daughter into a tanning salon. Some thought she was having the child tan but a grand jury saw it otherwise.

It wasn't so much the case itself but the images of Patricia's obsessively dark, over-tanned face that gained her far more than 15 minutes of fame. A year later she was in rehab for alcohol abuse, and many videos surfaced of her where she appeared highly intoxicated. Around that same time she filed for divorce. She ended up acting in a porn movie but not actually having sex on camera. She's been a frequent guest on Howard Stern. More recently she moved to Florida still trying to pursue a singing career. It probably goes without saying her 15 minutes of fame of not been kind to her.

It's been reported this week by Yahoo that the Tan Mom has landed in a hospital in Florida and is fighting for her life. Pneumonia apparently was the original cause, and according to Yahoo sources say because she is a smoker her lungs were so weakened that doctors were unable to drain fluid from them. She ended up in cardiac arrest and doctors put her into a medically induced coma. She ended up on life support and is struggling according to Yahoo. Perhaps that divorce never went through, as it's being reported that her husband Richard has been at her side.

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