"Tan Mom" Patricia Krentcil is ready for her next 15 minutes of fame and she has a new passion: Botox.InTouch magazine cites an interview with the infamous Nutley mom in which she says she is spending up to $300 every three months on Botox injections.

“I started reading about celebrities having Botox and realized that [it] could give me the same confidence without damaging my skin,” she told another Closer magazine. “I couldn’t believe the results.”

Among the benefits, Krentcil says, is an improvement to her sex life.

a celebrity boxing match in Philadelphia, tweeted in December that she is
working on a book called "Why Me The Truth."

According to WebMD.com, a Botox treatment can last up to 6 months by paralyzing the underlying muscle which acts to smooth skin and reduce wrinkles.

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