New Jersey tan mom Patricia Krentcil has made her gay porno video debut with a guest appearance on the series "Kings Of New York."

Patricia Krentcil during her video
Patricia Krentcil during her video (

Krentcil, who has proclaimed her sobriety in recent interviews after a stay at the Lukens rehabilitation center in Florida, was still drinking when she was on set for the website series in May.

"We expected Patricia to need a bit of hand-holding, but when she showed up we quickly found out we had to hold more than her hand to prop her seemingly inebriated body up,"  series director and producer Marc MacNamara told the Huffington Post. "She seemed to having a great time, but it was definitely a challenging day. In the end she delivered Tan Mom in all her glory and that's what people are infatuated with."

The video is available on the Lucas Entertainment website at  (NOT SAFE FOR WORK).

Krentcil has released three music videos this year; she twerks  in her most recent one in a video recorded on a cell phone.She has also released a series of topless photos and spent time at a detox center in Minnesapolis after an incident at the airport before reporting to Lukens.


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