New Jersey's Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil has recorded a series of interviews for a website laying out her future singing plans and discussing her experiences at a Florida rehabilitation center.

Patricia Krentcil during her video
Patricia Krentcil during her video (

In a one of several videos posted to the website Krentcil says she thinks her nickname "Tan Mom" is "stupid." She says it makes sense in that "I  am tan and I am a mom so I guess it fits" but she "loves the song" she sang about it.

She says people got "too wrapped up" in the "Tan mom thing."

She says her time at the Lukens rehabilitation center was "the best experience of her life" and that she credits Dr. Kelly and Michael Lohan for helping her become "sober, healthy and happy" and helped her let go of things from her past. allowing her to begin a "new life."

"I Love The Sun"

Patricia Krentcil
Patricia Krentcil (ABC News)

The Nutley resident says there is nothing wrong with tanning and feels lucky that she does not have cancer but advises those who tan to use sunscreen and  "stay out of the booths" because they do the most damage. "I love the sun" she laughs and admits to having tried Botox. She says she has tanned most of her life growing up in Florida and it's not a big deal to her.

Rehab With Another "Star"

Krenctcil was at Lukens at the same time as Farrah Abraham from MTV's "Teen Mom, who Krenticl says took pictures of her while in the Florida facility. "It was the most degrading moment because we're in rehab....she's so proud she did this sex video."

She says paparazzi showed up after Abraham "sent the pictures out" from her phone and chased her around before being arrested. "You call yourself a mom. A mom wouldn't do that," says Krentcil. She advises Abraham to "keep her clothes on" in the future.

She did not discuss her seizure while in rehab that led to her being hospitalized or the incident at the Minneapolis airport that led to her getting treatment.

"A Spoof"

Patricia Krentcil records her song
Patricia Krentcil records her song (Splash News)

Krentcil calls her first song, the campy "It's Tan Mom," a "spoof" and plans to rap her song to celebrate "the new me."  She admits, “I’m not a rapper, but I love rap, it’s great, it’s so hip, it’s wild," she excitedly explains. She says people who didn't like the first song are "too judgemental."

She offered a sample of her rapping style in the interview. "I’ll be rapping for ya, all over the world. And to everyone out there that has criticism, get off the couch and start rapping – and workout while you rap, cause I have no clue, that’s where it’s at!” describes itself as a "virtual town hall where every day the topic is our culture and the people who create it" in which the site's visitors are  "in charge of asking all the questions and suggesting the interview subjects and topics."

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