Tanning Mom Patricia Krentcil has filed for divorce from her husband of eight years according to TMZ.

Patricia Krentcil on stage doing stand-up comedy
Patricia Krentcil on stage doing stand-up comedy (YouTube)
Patricia Krentcil during her video
Patricia Krentcil during her video (

The Hollywood site reports that Krentcil made the decision after Richard failed a lie detector test about infidelity on the TV show The Test.

Citing divorce documents filed in New Jersey, Krentcil wants $500 per week in spousal support and another weekly $500 in child support. She is asking for full custody of their two children; the couple has a third child over the age of 18.

The gossip site posted pictures of Patricia asking Richard to leave their Nutley home on Saturday. He tells TMZ that he would like to stay and work things out.

Krentcil recently tried her hand at stand up comedy and made jokes about her husband having a small manhood. "OK, let's have an orgasm, NOT!" she joked to the crowd.

The Test is a syndicated show host by Kirk Fox that administers tests to solve issues brought to the show. According to the show's website, "The Test uses lie detector, DNA, pregnancy and other types of medical examinations to put anyone who is willing to the test. Whether the issue is between family members or couples hoping to one day become a family, The Test gets to the heart of the problem at hand and gives those involved the definitive answers needed to move forward with their lives."

The show's website does not make mention of the Richard Krentcil appearance.



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