New York Giants fans know to wait for it every game. Soon, betting sites will let you wager on when it will happen.

I'm talking about the inevitable Daniel Jones turnover.

The Giants played arguably the best game of their season in Monday night's 25-23 loss to the Tampa Bay Bucs. The problem, like it was last week against the Eagles, is that the Giants haven't learned how to win yet.

But this loss to Tampa Bay, based on the play of Daniel Jones, whose two interceptions and missed throws cost the Gians the game despite an Eli Manning-esque fourth-quarter comeback drive, could offer a look into their future if Jones doesn't eliminate his pesky turnover problem which has plagued him since he entered the league last year.

Last year the Buccaneers had Jameis Winston as their quarterback. Winston was the first player taken in the 2015 NFL draft by Tampa Bay. He too was a turnover machine, ending his stay in Tampa with 33 touchdowns along with 30 interceptions and five lost fumbles. In fact,  Winston's seven pick-sixes set a single season NFL record. Winston's 109 turnovers over 5 years is more than any other player in the NFL since 2015. Through the 21 games Jones has played in so far, he has 21 interceptions and has fumbled the ball 23 times.

So what did Tampa Bay Head Coach Bruce Arians, a renounced "quarterback whisperer" who in his career coached the likes of Ben Roethlisberger, Andrew Luck and Carson Palmer along others, do about Winston? He let him go to free agency and signed Tom Brady, that's what he did. What did quarterback whisperer Arians say about Daniel Jones after last night's game?

According to Giants Wire:

“The young quarterback, he’s still trying to do too much, When you’re in the grasp of those guys, that cost them basically the ball game throwing those two picks. But God bless him, he is hard to handle and he’s a kid that thinks he can make a play.” Winston tried to do too much and now he's sitting on the bench in New Orleans.

Giants Head Coach Joe Judge, who doesn't really whisper, said this about Jones play Monday night, according to

“I told Daniel on both times the play happened, tonight I just told him to be patient with it, stay committed with it, we’re going to need you down the stretch, we need you to make plays, and obviously on that final drive he made a lot of big plays for us...We all have to hold ourselves accountable, the man next to us accountable. But Daniel’s our quarterback, clearly put.”

So Judge is standing behind his man, at least for now. The question is: Can Jones, who has made some really great plays and engineered some great drives before the turnovers, be coached out of making those bad decisions? Can Giants Offensive Coordinator Jason Garret, who has coached QB's like Tony Romo and Dak Prescott, be the guy who turns around Jones turnover problem?

One thing we know about Garret if you've seen him on the sidelines — he can clap. But can he whistle? Or will the Giants go the Tom Brady route? BTW, Prescott will be entering free agency ... nah! I think Jones can be fixed. As a Giants fan, I hope so!

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