NJ.com offered up this video of a sneak peek at three coasters in Nickelodeon Universe set to open October 25 at American Dream. These are record breakers. The Shellraiser, Skyline Scream and The Shredder will give you some serious sensory input.

Shellraiser sets a record for steepest plunge with a drop of 122 feet. The Shredder will be a free-spinning roller coaster that is the longest and tallest of its kind on the planet. The Skyline Scream might just be the mother of all drop rides; it sets the record for tallest indoor spinning drop tower.

Nickelodeon Universe will have well over 20 rides and to me there’s something even scarier about having them indoors.

An NHL sized ice rink will also open in the first phase along with the amusement park. How much is Don Ghermezian looking forward to the October 25 opening? So much he couldn’t even wait. Check out his Instagram video of his inaugural Shellraiser ride.

I guess when you’re president and CEO of American Dream you get to do cool stuff like that.

For more of what’s in store see the full article here from NJ.com.

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