🔴Someone abandoned an old, hungry cat outside a NJ animal shelter

🔴It was caught on surveillance video

🔴The cat was rescued by shelter staff and will be up for adoption soon

PLAINFIELD — Someone abandoned an old, hungry, emaciated black cat on the front porch of the Plainfield Area Humane Society on Rock Avenue Wednesday night, and it was all captured on video.

Surveillance video shows that at around 8 p.m. on Feb. 7., an individual abandoned this very emaciated senior cat on the front porch of the shelter without a carrier to at least protect it from the cold.

Thomas, the 17-year-old rescued cat. (Plainfield Area Humane Society)
Thomas, the 17-year-old rescued cat. (Plainfield Area Humane Society)

As you can see in the video below, the driver pulled in front of the shelter, got out of the vehicle, and sort of scurried the cat in the direction of the porch, then drove off.

The cat is unaware of its surroundings as it wandered around for a bit, and was left exposed to the elements all night, the shelter reported on its Facebook page.

“Our staff found this poor little guy on the side of our building, shivering and scared for his life,” it said.

They immediately took the cat, who has now been renamed “Grandpa Ben,” inside and warmed him up with some food and a heating pad.

The humane society vows to work tirelessly to make sure this sweet cat gets into a forever home.

Anyone with information on the cat’s owner is asked to please contact the Animal Control Department at 908-754-0300 or by email.

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