In looking for things to do for you during this pandemic Producer Chris and I came across a great winter activity for you dudes and dudettes out there. Indoor surfing! This is a great opportunity to learn how to surf or just brush up on your surfing without having to travel to a warm location.

Skudin Surf is a couple of brothers from the Skudin surfing family that operate out of the intense wave pool at the American Dream Center out at the Meadowlands. They provide lessons for all levels of surfing and for those of you who know how to hang ten and surf you can also enjoy some public time to brush up on those skills.

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Skudin Surf via YouTube
Skudin Surf via YouTube

It may be 30 degrees and snowing outside but the waves are gnarly inside The American Dream. Those getting lessons can learn how to surf and be ready to hit the waves here at the Shore when summer arrives. Those who already know how to surf don’t have to freeze their toes off in the 35 or so degree water of the ocean this winter and can enjoy the benefits of warm indoor surfing.

The Skudin family has been teaching surfing for three generations and they’re bringing their talent and teaching to The American Dream. There are different types of waves and they have private lessons or open public sessions. So break out your board and get ready to hang ten, in the winter, in Jersey. You can check out their website here to learn more. I feel a Beach Boys tune coming up. Good luck.

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