Have your typical summer traditions run stale? Fear not, New Jersey has some brand new attractions to spice up your next couple of months! Check out the new, exciting things that you can do this summer:

Ride The Joker at Six Flags 

Jackson, NJ — Great Adventure is a Summer staple in the Garden State, and they've made sure to not disappoint us this year. Great Adventure's newest ride, The Joker, seems like the craziest ride since Kingda Ka. What could make the ride even better? Our friends Deminski and Doyle will be there for its grand opening, though I don't think Jeff will be partaking.

Take a tour of the Slack Tide Breewing Company

Clermont, NJ —  This brewery opened last October by Jason and Tadhg Campbell, two born and raised Jersey boys. They offer guided tours and beer tastings on the weekends.

Asbury Park, NJ — This festival may not be huge, or the comedy version of Firefly, but it could be a fun day for comedy fans. Notable names in the line up include Jim Florentine, a friend of the Steve Trevelise Show and stand up comedian, and Casey Jost, brother of SNL's Weekend Update anchor and a comedian in his own right. The festival takes place on Sunday, July 10.

Ride Galeforce at Playland's Castaway Cove

Ocean City, NJ - This thrill ride features a drop that goes beyond 90 degrees and is sure to be a highlight of the summer... and I literally mean highlight, it's 125 feet tall!

Roam with the dinosaurs at the new location for Field Station Dinosaurs!

Leonia, NJ - The exhibit used to be based in Secaucus but was evicted last fall, now life has "found a way" to keep the dinosaurs in Jersey. The new Leonia location is sure to be fun for families to explore.

Is there anything else you're excited for this summer? Comment below or tweet us @NJ1015!

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