A new survey conducted in October 2023 by VoiceNation revealed that a significant amount of the work force in this country are struggling in dealing with simple tasks at hand.

Here in New Jersey the survey stated that 35% of the workforce struggles compared to the national average of 37%. New Jersey ranks fifth in the nation with the highest percentage of workers struggling in the workplace.

The numbers in the VoiceNation survey reflected that nationally out of the 37% that are struggling these are the tasks that are most difficult:

  • 81% struggle with trying to use the formulas in Excel
  • 77% struggle with the simple task of forwarding a Word document
  • 75% struggle to format a presentation
  • 72% struggle with CC and BCC others in an email
  • 72% struggle saving a new document as a new file
  • 70% struggle using a printer or photo copier

What was also surprising to me is the amount of time those take out of the workday to accomplish those tasks that they struggle with.

Photo by Glens Carstens-Peters on Unsplash
Photo by Glens Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

On average it takes 20% of those struggling with the above tasks between 1 and 2 hours to either complete or try to complete the task. It takes over 26% of them 3 to 5 hours plus a day to do the same.

Those numbers are astounding and when you analyze the amount of productivity that is lost because of the struggles, that could have a major effect on a business, big or small.

There is the argument that maybe the 35% who are struggling here in New Jersey are too old and can’t grasp the tasks required at their job. Here are the demographics nationwide:

Out of the workforce nationwide, the percentage by age who say they struggle at the workplace:

  • 39% are between 18-24 years of age
  • 25% are between 25-34 years of age
  • 48% are between 35-44 years of age
  • 25% are between 45 – 54 years of age
  • 12% are 55 years of age or older

We have all been in situations where we don’t want to look incompetent at our jobs because we can’t complete a task that may take another employee minutes to accomplish. Only 34% of those who struggle will go to their boss for assistance, another 27% would rather Google the answer than go to anyone for help.

Job training was effective for 64% of the respondents while 24% said that the training was not relatable, or they had difficulty understanding the session.

Photo by Resume Genius on Unsplash
Photo by Resume Genius on Unsplash

To fix this gaping hole of insufficiency it is suggested that management target the training more effectively, work harder to integrate the new employee into the established workforce and provide a clear path for those struggling.

It is also recommended that before hiring, the workplace can be assured that the potential employee has the skills to perform the tasks needed.

If you're struggling at your job, get the help you need, you’ll be in a better place and so will your employer.

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