Every once in a while, New Jersey is compared to other states in a way that makes us look well not as bad as people think we are.

Now, if you had asked me which state most Americans think is filled with the rudest people, I would say we would top that list. Not because we actually are rude, but because that is the reputation we have, and I think it’s because people are people in the slower states think that being focused, determined, and honest to the point makes a person rude, so I was shocked and pleasantly surprised that when Zippia did a new study to find out which state has the rudest people, we didn’t even rank in the top five.

Here’s how they determined who the rudest state is. They took into account these four factors in coming up with their list:

  • The percentage of rude drivers
  • The average tip
  • Cursing towards customer service
  • How rude the rest of the country finds the state.

Surprisingly, we came out number 7. I wouldn’t think we’d be number 2 or 3. New Jerseyans average tip is 15.5% and the Percent Of Rude Drivers we have is 3.6.


Interestingly, although I would’ve thought New York would come out on top as rudest, it’s actually Rhode Island that earned that distinction where the average tip is only 15.3% and 3.1% of the state’s drivers are considered rude.

One other finding that is compelling is that The least rude people in the country are in Mississippi, where the average tip is 17% and only 1% of the state’s drivers are considered rude. So, if you’re in the service business, maybe you should consider heading out to Mississippi where there’s a good shot your tips will be healthy and you’ll get where you need to get safely.

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