Monmouth University was not the only New Jersey college to identify a student in a viral video showing seven people repeating an anti-black slur.

A copy of the Snapchat video obtained by New Jersey 101.5 shows five college-age males and two females, none of whom appear to be black, sitting in a room. The camera turns to each person who then says the N word. Most use a deadpan tone but one sings the word and another takes a dramatic pause before saying the word after staring at the camera. There is no indication in the video as to when or where its was taken.

Monmouth University President Grey J. Dimenna in a letter to the university community said the video includes "a member of our campus community" but did not say which person.

Rutgers-New Brunswick Chancellor Nancy Cantor also released a message stating that  "some" of the people in the video "allegedly are students from our university." Cantor said the school is investigating the video for "potential violations of the university's Code of Student Conduct."

Rowan University President Ali A. Houshmand said  that a Rowan student may be part of the group.

"Each of us is entitled to free speech, but using such offensive language in any manner is contemptible," Houshmand said.

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