MAPLEWOOD — By her own admission, Michele Boudreaux says during the holiday season her family gets a lot of deliveries brought to their front door. So three years ago, they decided to do something nice for the people bringing those packages.

Now, their good deed has been jeopardized by a squirrel with a taste for the finer things in life.

In her blog, Boudreaux said on Monday that her family noticed that all the Ghiardelli chocolate squares they had laid out for the delivery people were missing.

"I couldn't believe it," she said in the post. "Why would someone do such a thing? And why would they take the most expensive chocolate on the tray?"

Assuming it was kids in the neighborhood, she said her husband Toby, who she describes as a "surveillance nerd," set up cameras to see who was responsible. What they hadn't counted on was the fact that the thief had four little legs and a bushy tail.

"This year, all of a sudden the squirrels decided to completely take over and tear apart all of my hard work," she told New Jersey 101.5.

In a house with her husband, three young sons, a dog and three cats, Boudreaux said the lead squirrel, who she identifies as "the FATTEST squirrel" and "a jolly ol' chap," doesn't seem at all affected by the other people or animals. It has been seen fighting off  another squirrel from the treasure trove.

Boudreaux said she is not giving up her effort to do something nice for delivery workers. But she knows she is facing a formidable opponent.

"They taunt me from the tree," she said with a laugh. "They're completely ruining this year's giveaway."

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