The display in the window of Skuby & Co. Lifestyle Clothing at 1210 Third Ave. in Spring Lake is sure to grab your attention.

And that’s the intent of store owner Bill Skuby.

The display features the President’s head superimposed over the picture of a witch doctor and a hat with the acronym F.Y.B.O.

Mr. Skuby says it’s not political, it’s personal, seeing is how his typical customer is of the “one percent”, and claims to receive plaudits from his customers that see the display.

According to this, while his customers see it one way, his neighbors think otherwise:

Nancy Pugliese, 63, was outraged when she noticed Skuby’s display Monday morning. She said the issue goes beyond politics and comes down to the display of U.S. presidents, who deserve respect.

“It’s disrespectful to have our president displayed in a costume like that. It’s very offensive,” Pugliese said. “If someone comes here as a visitor and goes by that store, it’s very upsetting to think they’ll see Spring Lakers as racists.”

“Lots of the children here go downtown to display their costumes (on Halloween),” Pugliese said. “That means all of the local children are going downtown and seeing their president displayed that way. That’s really shameful.”

However, Halloween and passing children are the main reasons Skuby built the display, he said.

“Halloween’s huge here; we got 1,500 kids walking past here,” he said. “I couldn’t think of anything scarier than that guy (in the) window.”

Skuby is the father of six adult children, between the ages of 24 and 40.

Skuby said he uses humor to get his points across. However, there is a serious message behind his display.

“I’m mad,” Skuby said. “I want to see a change and I have a right to do this. It’s called the First Amendment.”

He’s right about that…it’s a First Amendment issue plain and simple.

And Lord knows, other presidents have been caricatured in what could be described as “disrespectful".

However, despite his vehemence toward the President and his policies, he’s going to have kids looking at this as they come trick or treating…and in particular the acronym.

That’s something I feel kids shouldn’t have to be asking their parents what it all means.