Sports betting in New Jersey has become a welcome hobby for me. It enhances my love and appreciation of sports particularly, football and college basketball.

Let me preface this by saying I'm not a big gambler and I only bet what I can afford to lose. The excitement of winning a game you bet on is great and the lesson you learn from losing usually furthers my knowledge of the teams involved.

I enjoy betting on teams that I follow but never bet on my favorite team when I don't think that they'll win or beat the spread. That old adage rings true, never bet with your heart, always bet with your head.

Watching these games and cheering on for another field goal or three-point shot makes the games so enjoyable. It makes me do some homework on the teams that I am interested in, and seeing if my research pays off is half the fun when you win.

I know the game of football well, I've played the game and I've driven my friends nuts when watching a game, rewinding a play, back and forth, to show a good or bad block and analyzing the defensive schemes and offensive formations.

This time of year I'm in heaven. Football is at its premium and college basketball is heating up. The good thing about sports betting here in New Jersey, or in Pennsylvania, is that you can bet right from your phone, minutes before your game begins. Then you can bet just $5 or $10 and not hurt the wallet too much.

So good luck with picking your favorite teams. Bet smart and as always if you think you have a gambling problem please reach out to 1-800-gambler.

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