On Facebook live speaking with our listeners, I had the chance to expand on my plan to stop the reckless spending of tax dollars in NJ. We are bleeding uncontrollably and someone has to stop it. We don't need a bandage, we need a tourniquet.

Yes, there are referendums coming up in Monroe, Florence and Hillsborough. Yes, the Mayor of Wildwood wants YOU to pay for a new boardwalk. And yes, some of the expenditures could be justified...IF we didn't have a much bigger problem in Trenton.

The problem? No priorities other than the elite pols lining the pockets of their special interest friends.

There are three ways to get New Jersey back on track and save us from the financial abyss that we are dangerously close to falling in...

1. Vote NO on ALL local referendums.

2. Vote for opposition Assembly candidates who pledge to fight EVERY new tax.

3. Fire Phil Murphy in 2021 and elect a Governor with the courage to fight the special interests and red line new and wasteful spending.

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