UPDATE: Wildwood Mayor Ernie Troiano called into the show to defend his asking of state funding to reconstruct the boardwalk:


Wildwood, New Jersey wants you to pay to replace the one hundred year old boardwalk.

The mayor is asking the state, meaning state taxpayers, to cough up nearly sixty-five million dollars. The mayor was quoted saying that "there is no way I can tax the people."


He thinks it's OK to give his residents (and the people who he asks for votes) to get a break and have the rest of us pay? No way, Mr. Mayor.

Maybe the mayor forgot that his residents are also state residents paying state taxes. Maybe he's just lazy and doesn't have a better solution than to beg for money from people who may have never even been to Wildwood.

Here's a message for the mayor: figure it out.

The state should not bail you out. As much as I love Wildwood and spent many summer days and nights as a kid on the very boardwalk needing repair, it's up to local politicians and businesses to figure it out. Belmar and other shore towns figured it out after Sandy. Buy-a-board programs brought in several million dollars. How about selling naming rights to a wealthy corporation?

OK, those are two suggestions to get you started. The rest is up to you. But we're done wasting taxpayer dollars for every needy town across the state. The Toms River spending referendum, which stuck NJ taxpayers with another forty-seven million, was the last straw.

It's time for taxpayers to fight back. We're drawing the line as clear as the path of the Tram Car.

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