Anything you remember and miss from childhood? A friend of mine found a relic from the days when we kept our fast food warm on the way home. Talkin' about the magic of styrofoam.

It's one of the best inventions of the twentieth century and I miss it. Specifically, the McDonald's styrofoam packaging kept the "hot side hot" and the "cold side cold". It was a simple convenience which made the fast food taste better and arrive at home still warm.

I have been an advocate for styrofoam for years, pushing back on the lies pushed by the media and environmental activists about the US running out of landfill space. Plenty of space for all of those convenient packages. Hopefully, people will come to their senses and we will have a return to the normalcy of a great product which made life just a little bit more convenient.

What do you miss from the "old days"?

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