Another month, another stupid injury. As you know, I'm an avid Yogi, going to hot yoga at least four times a week. The good news? I've never been healthier. No cold, no flu, no COVID, in almost two years! Problem is that I hurt my back a year ago and needed surgery. Now it seems that even the smallest movement in the wrong direction can lead to another set back that keeps me from the yoga studio.

The latest? I sat down on a bench after class and misjudged the height. So it was about a six inch "fall" that reminded me of how easily it is to hurt your back. Of course my mishap won't keep me from broadcasting to you every morning and fighting for the middle and working class suffering under the absurd lockdown policies of Gov. Murphy.

It did get a conversation going with my Speaking Podcast co-hosts Jessica Gibson and Jay Black. From Jay's story about falling down the stairs to Jessica's fall during a trip to go horseback riding, well before she even got near the horse, it seems I'm not the only one prone to ridiculous mishaps!

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