Can you imagine that given all that is going on in the world regarding rising gun deaths among police officers and spiking traffic fatalities, the Federal Government took the time to lecture NJ towns about painting a blue line in the roads to honor cops?

What's worse is that the reason they gave was the blue was a similar color to the blue used for handicap parking spaces so it could cause confusion. Really?

I don't care what the color of the line is in the middle of the road, if you don't know enough to park in a space rather than the middle of the road, you probably shouldn't have a license in the first place.

The good news is that there are voices of common sense pushing back. Among them state PBS president Pat Colligan who joined me on the air this morning along with Assembly Minority leader Jon Bramnick who will introduce legislation this week to enable NJ towns to decide if they want to honor their police department heroes this way.

Of course there's always the issue of the federal guidelines, but with the new administration in the White House being publicly pro-law enforcement it's unlikely that there will be a government led backlash. It only took a weekend to get NJ leaders to recognize the lack of common sense in the Federal Government response. Score one for the good guys.

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