Here are five simple ideas the next Governor should take with him or her on day 1:

1. Work with ICE: We need a Governor who will appoint an AG who will call on the resources of ICE and the federal government to rid our communities of criminal aliens. Part of that process is to separate criminal aliens from "illegals". Yes, illegal aliens have broken the law, but it's the criminal offenders who pose the danger to you and your families. We need to work with every level of law enforcement to arrest, detain and deport every person potentially presenting a threat to our communities.

2. Support Law Abiding "Illegals": Through constructive dialogue with our representatives in Congress, NJ can lead to way to put the dreamer/undocumented issue, offered by President Trump last year, back on the table to secure a pathway to stay in America for those who have served our nation, stayed out of legal trouble and are hard working members of the community.

3. No Driver's Licenses for Illegals: The push for driver's licenses in the name of public safety is a joke. It has nothing to do with that. Just another want to work around the legal system further dividing our communities and elevating potentially public safety threats.

4. Empower Local and County Law Enforcement: It's the cops, corrections officers, prosecutors and sheriffs departments who keep our communities safe. We need leadership in Trenton, which will empower these leaders and not roll them in the name of radical ideology. This is a day one meeting to ensure that policies in Trenton reflect what local law enforcement actually needs to do their job.

5. No Free College For ANYONE: Other than the absurdity of using your tax dollars to pay for someone who shouldn't be here in the first place, there's the issue of college itself. We would be well served to stop the giveaways and instead use our resources through tax policy to empower trade schools and local employers to hire New Jerseyans.

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