Amazon in Newark? Could be if the push back from the ungrateful protesters in Queens get their way and crush the prospect of the online retail giant creating 25,000 local jobs. But New York's loss could be New Jersey's gain.

What a huge step for Newark if the city gets a chance to re-pitch Amazon. Thousands of high paying jobs, real estate development, tax revenue - all huge for the city and our state. Of course one of the sticking points in Newark has been public safety for the past few decades. Thanks to the leadership from Mayor Ras Baraka and public safety director Anthony Ambrose, that narrative is changing for the better.

I had the honor and privilege of speaking to the most recent graduating class of 80 brand new Newark Police Officers. Captain Donald Robertella invited me in and we spent about 45 minutes talking about the media and the role of cops in the community. I told them what I've been saying for years: no decision making from politicians in Trenton or Washington or City Hall can take the place of having safe streets.

Tax incentives and other economic incentives that used to draw in businesses to create jobs and revenue don't matter if you can't be safe walking down the street. Enter the new recruits.

These brand new cops answered the call to step up and protect their community. So many of the class members were born and raised in Newark. So many have family members in Law Enforcement. This class understands the role of Police Officers and how public safety is the foundation for any society.

I'm appreciative of their sacrifice and commitment to the rest of us and wish them well. I'm proud to stand with Blue and honor the great service Police Officers give on behalf of all of us.

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