A Camden County man who accidentally broke into a home and cleaned the wrong person's apartment, and then garnered close to 1 million views on TikTok after sharing his comical story, is trying to raise $5,000 in order to create his own brand.

Louis Angelino III, 27, who's nicknamed himself "The South Jersey Cleaning Fairy," has launched a GoFundMe campaign to create t-shirts and "make Stay Screwy a real brand" — 'stayscrewy' is Angelino's handle on the video-sharing social media app.

On the campaign page, Angelino said his "followers and fans" want t-shirts made.

"I am brand new to this and I know I need to have money to start this business!" Angelino wrote on the campaign page.

Angelino, of Barrington, cleans his friends' apartments for extra money. According to the story he shared on TikTok, one of his friend's co-workers asked to use Barrington's services, and he accepted. He was told there would be a key under the mat, and there was. But he was at the wrong address.

Angelino didn't realize he was in the wrong spot until he received a call from the person who lives at the apartment he was supposed to clean.

In a follow-up post on TikTok (posted below), Angelino showed a text message exchange between himself and one of the people who occupy the apartment he accidentally cleaned. The husband and wife were very understanding and told Angelino they'd keep his information on hand in case they need clean-up work completed in the future.

As of early Wednesday, more than $500 had been submitted by dozens of "donors" to get Angelino to his $5,000 goal.

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