New Jersey may be in financial trouble and Newark may still be a long way from a full recovery, but there is good news. Since taking a bold step forward and bringing in new cops and getting ahead of a terrible crime problem with "quality of life" policing, Newark is now the set of a major movie coming out in 2020.

The Sopranos became an iconic series loved by millions and from the perspective of many, put NJ in a very good light. Now, the prequel movie, set in Newark during the riots of the 1960's, "The Many Saints of Newark" is being filmed in the city.

Instead of building out a set in Hollywood, the producers brought Hollywood to Branford place between Washington and Broad to recreate the riots that Newark is still recovering from.

Joining me to discuss the impact of the movie set being on location in Jersey, as well as a few other things, was celebrity insider Dyana Williams. She was labeled a "Hip Hop Artists Whisperer" by the New York Times and has had an incredible career that is still growing helping celebrities deal with the impact of fame. We talked about the actors and the economic benefits to the beleaguered city. We also talked about Jersey girl Queen Latifa and her scholarship program to help women break into the entertainment industry.

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