Fans of "The Sopranos" have a chance to score a signed script, poster and some other show collectibles in an online auction by Steiner Sports. Among 70 plus items, there's a rare cast gift from James Gandolfini.

Sopranos memorabilia auction, James Gandolfini watch cast gift
Sopranos fans alert: memorabilia auction (

The engraved gold diver watch was the N.J. native's way of marking the wrap of the iconic HBO series. An inscription on the watch case reads, "Thank You - J. G. The Sopranos 1997 - 2007 Rest In Peace." Gandolfini died six years later, at the age of 51.

A bunch of the items are clothes worn by the character Bobby "Bacala" (Baccalieri). There's even a "fat suit" that he wore early on, though as the show progressed, producers apparently decided he was fine without it.

“We got all this stuff from private collectors," said Aaron Rothschild, senior auction coordinator at Steiner Sport Memorabilia Auction & Consignments. "This is the culmination of three different private collections that we put together, from people that had contacted us looking to sell their collection. There’s been a lot of buzz with the new movie coming up, and when we got the call we jumped at the opportunity to sell these collections.”

Sopranos memorabilia auction, James Gandolfini watch, Bobby Bacala fat suit
Sopranos fans alert: memorabilia auction (

Items already receiving bids include a signed Sopranos "Bada Bing" poker set, a signed Sopranos "Bobby Bacala" baseball bat and an autographed "Sopranos" graveyard photo. That first season print is signed by James Gandolfini, Tony Sirico, Michael Imperioli,  Stevie Van Zandt and Vincent Pastore.

“I would say that has been really spectacular has been the response. People have been loving it," Rothschild said.

“There’s something to be said about our appetite for the antihero. We love Tony Soprano. We love his gangster family. And it’s sort of a fantasy and an escape for so many Americans. And then on the nostalgia side, who can’t remember sitting down on a Sunday night with friends or family, and getting ready to see what was going to happen in that next hour of our other family’s lives.”

The Sopranos collectibles auction closes on August 4. To see the full catalog of items, click here.

Roderick Macioch contributed to this report.

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