The review is in from Bon Jovi's Philadelphia concert Friday night and it says he doesn't sing the way he used to. It actually pained the writer to say it (it's his job) and I must admit I felt bad reading it. Then I thought "who does sing the way they used to?"

Taking it further, how much does the singing really matter when we go to concerts, especially when it comes to the older acts?

Jon Bon Jovi  — who will perform Friday and Saturday at Madison Square Garden — has always put on a great stage show, regardless of what his voice sounds like now. The band sounds great and you're going to love hearing Phil X on lead guitar replacing Richie Sambora, as well as his vocals with keyboardist David Bryan.

There are many reasons people go to see older acts other than the singing. It's a chance to feel young again for a few hours. You're seeing an old friend who influenced your youth. Maybe you're taking your children to see what you've told them about so many times.

They may not sound the same, but I think the audience expects that. It's more important that the vibe be the same as you remember it. That's not easy with both time and people passing.

You're paying for the party. If you want the band to sound like the old albums, you might as well just stay home and listen to them.

Say what you will about Jon Bon Jovi. He tries, just like he tries to feed the hungry with his Soul Kitchen restaurants, cheers up fans who are sick, tries to help build homes with Habitat For Humanity. He also tries his best to put on a great show and even though his voice isn't what it was, he does succeed like a true Jersey guy should.

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