Stop the presses! Alert the media! Another interesting story about a member of the Orthodox Jewish Community in Lakewood!

Oh, wait. ... I guess people don't really care that much about this one? Yeah, the media generally doesn't pounce on a story like this, one that reflects well on members of the Jewish community, so I've decided I'm going to take it upon myself to. Of course, we all like to think we'd do the same in a situation like this, but would we? Really?

Seth Freiwald, vice president of the Madison Avenue, Lakewood TD Bank branch shared the following story. Not surprisingly, only the Lakewood Scoop deemed it newsworthy enough to report. I find that interesting. Again, not surprising. Just interesting.

An Orthodox Jewish man (we'll call him "Moishe" — what the heck ... it may be his name!) receives a wire transfer through the TD branch from a company he's done business with that is $30,000 more than he's owed. He immediately contacts the company to inform it that he's been overpaid. The company insist that it paid the correct amount.

The guy — "Moishe" — knows it's the wrong amount, and thus it is not his money, and keeping it would be akin to stealing. So he implores the company to re-check its books. When he doesn't hear back, he simply informs TD Bank officials that they should wire the money directly back to the company. No muss, no fuss, no bones about it.

According to the Lakewood Scoop article, Friewald claims that the story "has left a powerful impression upon him and his fellow bank staff members."

Would you be able to resist the temptation to keep the 30 grand? Especially when the company is insisting it's yours?

Maybe you're wondering why I mention the religion of the "Moishe" in this story. Recent events made me feel it was noteworthy. To me, it doesn't make a difference what his religion is. Does it make a difference to you?

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