Last month Asbury Park chose to ban smoking on their beaches. Recently Wildwood, North Wildwood and Point Pleasant Beach did the same thing. In fact the Wildwoods even went so far as to ban smoking on the boardwalk. A bill that would ban smoking on all beaches in New Jersey (except Gunnison at Sandy Hook because it's federal) is making its way through the legislative machinery that is Trenton. Prospects for passage look good with a progressive governor now in charge and NJ Senate President Steve Sweeney saying things like, "Beachgoers should not be assaulted by second-hand cigarette smoke and the sand and water should not be littered with cigarette butts." This would ban smoking on all beaches even when the town wouldn't want to, although it does allow a town to elect on its own to designate up to 15% of its beach as a smoking section.

As much as smoking at the beach annoys some people, we wondered if there are even greater annoyances for others. We went to our phones and asked listeners. These are some of the responses we got.

People feeding seagulls. And feeding and feeding. And creating a swarm. Margaret called this one in and said one time she actually confronted the gull feeder because one of the crazed seagulls relieved itself right on her leg when she was trying to tan.

People spraying suntan lotion and creating a near bio-hazard. Michelle was no fan of this.

Listening to other people's music. Wendy called this in and said there are times she has hip hop to her right, rock behind her, country to her left all fighting for the same airspace.

Men with hairy backs was John's pet peeve. I'm not sure if this one could be banned, but it's worth looking into.

Simply having to pay a beach fee is worse than smelling someone's smoke, says Mikey.

Urinating under the Wildwood boardwalk is apparently a thing according to caller Tony. There could be restrooms right up top the boardwalk yet they will walk beneath the boards and pee in the shadows. Why? Could it be because that Wildwood beach is so wide that it takes so long to walk back to the boardwalk they just can't hold it anymore?

Two words. Umbrella security. Learn it, says John.

When you have a wide open beach, on a weekday for instance, yet a group of people comes within 6 feet of you to set up their encampment. Why? Lois wants to know.

People who turn the beach into an Olympic Sports Zone right near you when you're just trying to chillax. That one belonged to Jessie.

Profanity being used openly around young children on the beach. This was Pete's pet peeve, but what the $#@! does that $^%*($ know!?

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