I purposely avoided talking about the stolen car case where a 2 year old sleeping girl was left in the car by her mother while she dropped off groceries to a relative. The reason was I didn't have an image. Was it a quiet time on the street with no one around? Was the home's front door literally 7 feet from the car? All these things would be important, because I know how hard it is to raise children. I have four of them. It can be exhausting.

This happened on Ferry Street in Newark about 2:30 on Monday afternoon. The mom, a 24 year old woman from Union, parked the car and left the keys in with the engine running and began unloading groceries. It turns out the car thief was stalking the car the whole time.

This video was obtained by NBC New York and shows the suspect eyeing the car while the mother is getting the groceries out. Then the mother walks far enough away to a relative's home to give the car thief more than ample time to hop in and drive off with her car, not to mention her sleeping 2 year old daughter. Of course the mom ends up frantic. I know she didn't want something like this to happen to her little girl. But that's exactly why you don't make decisions like this.

The car was recovered later on Adams Street, very nearby from where it was taken. No doubt the thief realized there was a child and thought better of continuing. Even though he did no harm to the child, the child was then further abandoned by the thief and could have still been taken by yet someone else. It all ended well and police are looking for the thief. But is it enough? Should this mother pay some sort of fine or at least have it on her record that she did something this stupid? I'm not blaming the mother for the theft, but for putting her daughter in that situation. She's not the one who stole the car. Theft charges, even kidnap charges, belong to the thug involved. But how far away and out of sight can you be from a car with a toddler inside, a car that you left with keys in it and engine running, before you should have some charges of your own?

Am I a perfect parent? No. Am I smart enough to know you don't do a thing like this on Ferry Street in Newark especially with so many people around? Yes. Take a look at the video first then answer our poll below.

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