There's an interesting thread on Reddit asking what each state would smell like on a scratch n sniff map of the United States. So I figured along with my social media friends on both Facebook and Twitter, let's take New Jersey. Here's what we came up with.

Jason Allentoff: "A mix of pork roll and funnel cake. Possible cigarette odor as well."

Eric Jensen: "Where I live in New Jersey it would be nice fresh air!"

Jill Connerton: "Port Elizabeth. Many years ago, my dad used to say that it was the smell of money being made."

Maryjo Hamrick: "The deli department At ShopRite."

Tim Hayes: "Greed."

Robert Pisani: "Steve you remember, the pig farms in Secaucus and Miller’s Slaughter house on Secaucus Rd and Tonelle Ave. on rainy days the smell was horrific."

Mike Folk: "Pizza."

Fred Logue: "An everything bagel toasted or a pizzeria."

Jasmine Rodriguez: "Bad decisions and a wet sock."

Rob Farber: "Suntan lotion, dead bodies and burnt rubber."

John Belfie: "not weed."

Kelly Terrana: "Actually since the majority of the state is farm and country side it wouldn't smell bad. Apparently many people have not stepped outside their little bubble and explored our Garden State!! Its beautiful."

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