You've heard us being tortured during the show. Others have been tortured live at comedy shows. No matter where it took place, the majority of us agree that the muffin joke is just painful.

As producer of the show, I've tried to prevent Bill from telling the muffin joke at all costs. If Bill couldn't get a laugh out of us from the muffin joke, I'd think that the rest of his live comedy routine wouldn't be much better, if not even worse.

So I was as surprised as anyone today when we received a call from a woman named Melinda called in this morning to give Bill a review of his stand up act. I can't speak for anyone else but I thought Melinda was calling in to really lace into Bill and tell him that he wasn't funny. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong.

Melinda called in to the show to congratulate and praise Bill for his stand up performance. To say that the staff was shocked was an understatement. Now, I just have to open an investigation as to which family member Bill had call in under the name "Melinda." Hmmm...

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