On Wednesday we tasked our listeners with a hard project. Could they come up with movies that are romantic enough for wives and girlfriends to watch on Valentine's Day but that their guys could also tolerate? I didn't have high hopes, because frankly how many movies like this could exist?

For example, women might love Bridges Of Madison County, but most guys will fall asleep or fake a heart attack to get out of watching such sugary nonsense. Now there is Silver Linings Playbook, one of the few examples I could think of. Yes, there's a love story here in this Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper movie. But there's some violence, there's a prominent storyline on Eagles football (and how timely is that?), and Bobby DeNiro is even in it. There's also that dirty talk at the diner scene that will get a guy's attention.

But how many other movies have it all like this? Not many, or so I thought. Once again our listeners proved me wrong. Here are just some of the movies D&D fans offered that are romantic enough for the women but have something to offer men.

Ken offered 50 First Dates. That's the one with Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore where she suffers daily amnesia. Lots of laughs for the guys.

Laurie had Top Gun. She's right. Guys will remember this as an action movie, completely forgetting that there indeed was a big love story in it.

Mike called in Cast Away. You don't see much of Helen Hunt, but she's always on Tom Hanks' mind as he is stranded on that island. Even though they don't end up together, it's a touching reunion and definitely a love story but with a ton of action and drama.

Gary had An Officer And A Gentleman. This one is a slam dunk. Such an obvious love story yet so much in it for men.

Jeff called in both Wedding Singer and Forrest Gump. These are great. Set in New Jersey, Wedding Singer puts Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore together and is such a sweet love story but is a funny-as-hell time capsule of the 1980's. And the love story between Forrest and Jenny runs throughout Forrest Gump, but there are fights, Vietnam War scenes and lots of drama for guys.

Caleb called in Romancing The Stone. A love story that puts Michael Douglass in sort of an Indiana Jones role.

Our own Bill Doyle also came up with a great one that I had forgotten about. Jerry Maguire. Such a love story that brought up classic movie lines like "You had me at hello" and "You complete me." Yet so much more, like the most obvious guy thing, sports!

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