This morning we learned of the passing of iconic television news pioneer Roger Ailes. Plagued by accusations of alleged sexual harassment at the end of his time with the media empire he is largely responsible for creating it's easy to forget the accomplishments that changed an industry.

Sometimes the legends of history, those courageous individuals who moved mountains to lead change, gather detractors ready to prey on the public's craving for bad news and scandal. Sometimes they just behave badly.  Of course I'm mindful of the seriousness of the accusations and allegations that lead to his departure from Fox and the fact that the company paid millions to settle a suit. For today, I thought it would be important to acknowledge his media legacy that has impacted those of us in the business and the public who we hope will tune in every day.

It's widely agreed upon that the success of Fox News would forever change the way the public expects to receive their news.  Perhaps the biggest contribution from Roger Ailes and Rupert Murdoch's team at News Corp is the creation of an on-air conversation that enables a delivery of news as an interactive discussion between people presenting multiple sides of an issue.

Our show, Chasing News, has been on the air nearly four years with more than 1,000 episodes broadcast to the public.  Many say our success is due to the unique style of the show which is a combination of the style of Fox TV's TMZ and a delivery mindful of the "fair and balanced" mantra championed by Ailes during his rise to power, wealth and influence.

As the world moves to more interactive platforms social media platforms to absorb news content it's increasingly critical for news outlets like my morning radio show and Chasing News to present multiple sides and involve viewer & listener input both on air and through social media.

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