What do you think?

Apparently since it’s a local brew born out of the Colorado Rockies, not too unlike another famous brew, local ingredients abound.

But what makes this brew oh so special is the not so secret ingredient…it’s made with 25 lbs. of roasted bull gonads.

According to this:

On October 8, the Wynkoop Brewing Company tapped into the first keg of its Rocky Mountain Oyster Stout, made with 25 lbs of roasted bull gonads.

Deep-fried bull testicles -- also known as Rocky Mountain oysters -- are considered a local delicacy in Colorado. In Canada's cattle country, the dish goes by the name of prairie oysters.

"Fried bull testicles, or Rocky Mountain oysters, are a Colorado favorite. This makes them the perfect ingredient to showcase a new style of beer we've created which really pays tribute to one of Colorado's unique jewels," says a brewer holding a raw testicle in a spoof video promoting the fictional beer for April Fools' Day earlier this year.

It was a hoax that proved to be incredibly popular among beer bloggers, writers and fellow brewers alike, who fell for the joke and requested samples. But it was after tasting a stout from Odell Brewing made with real oysters that the beer maker decided to make good on its joke.

The brew is made with local malts, roasted barley, seven specialty malts, Styrian Goldings hops, and sea salt, and has “3 BPB – balls per barrel.”

Testicles were sliced by hand and roasted before being added to the beer’s mash.
The result is what the brewery describes as a slightly viscous stout deep brown in color with flavors of chocolate syrup, Kahlua, espresso, and a savory “umami-like note” that finishes dry and roasted.

Sounds like a winner to me.

Given the fact that microbreweries have been popping up all over New Jersey, and can now market their wares to a much larger clientele than just the locals who stop by…one wonders if a product such as this would be a hit here in the Garden State.

But then again, our state animal is the horse.

Nah! Too nasty!

Do you have a favorite brew, or is there one from back in the day that you can’t find anymore?