Thanks to Producer Kristen, we have the 2019 version of the Wing-Kee BBQ and Poultry calendar back in studio. Actually, I have one at Chasing News AND one in my office at home!

Wing Kee BBQ 2019 Calendar

The tradition started with my love of roast duck and my mother-in-law always having it for me on Thanksgiving. A few years ago, I went to get the duck from the only place she goes, in a not so great part of Providence, Rhode Island. I couldn't find it and made a joke with one of the workers when I finally arrived that they were hard to find. She did not respond, but instead retreated to the back to grab a calendar and pointed to the address and seemly said "next time". So I took the over-sized business card and my duck, which I did put in my daughter's suitcase for the ride home, which she was not too pleased about, and then hung the calendar on the studio wall at NJ 101.5.

What struck me as funny is that all of the painstaking preparation that went on for "Ask The Governor" during the Christie administration, removal of the trash cans, note on the walls, empty cups on the tables, etc, nobody thought to move the very bright red, yellow and white calendar. So in every shot of Christie, there's the Wing-Kee calendar hanging reminding me of how my I love roast duck.

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Anyway, it's a now three year tradition that Producer Kristen has insured will last at least into 2019.

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