Donald McIntyre died a hero.

When the first plane hit the North Tower and the attack from Islamic terrorists unfolded before the eyes of the world, Officer Mcintyre, with a pregnant wife and two kids at home, left his post at the Path Station in Newark and rushed to Lower Manhattan. He was in the North Tower evacuating people when the second plane hit the South Tower. His last radio dispatch was from the 32nd floor of the South Tower when it came crashing down on top of him and hundreds of others, including civilians, cops and brave members of the FDNY.

Paul Nunziato was Donald’s partner at the Port Authority Police Department and he heard from him moments after the first plane hit. His message? "Get here, people need help." Without hesitation, the now-president of the Port Authority PBA rushed to the scene of the attack to help. Paul survived and continues to protect and serve our community to this day.

As you make your way to and from work and around New Jersey today, please keep in mind the sacrifice of our first-responders, not just on 9/11, but EVERY DAY. I truly appreciate the time my friend Pete Stilianessis, who heads up the NJ State Troopers NCO Union, spent this morning talking about his troopers.

Pete told the story of that day 18 years ago when he and others in his unit were called to the World Trade Center moments after the first plane struck. We talked about the two troopers who lost their lives from health complications arising from their time on the pile. Lt. William “Billy” Fearon, a close friend of Pete’s, and Trooper Robert Nagle were heroes taken too soon.

Pete made another important point. as he mentioned he’s also had enough of politicians grabbing headlines for "feel-good" legislation, which potentially endangers public safety and the lives of police officers.

Out of respect to the fallen heroes, I’ll refrain from mentioning the politicians who I think are guilty of this, at least in this post. Check back with me tomorrow. Remember always that there is a thin line between civilization and savagery, and that line is blue.​

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