People are fleeing New Jersey like they’re running from a burning building, or at least that’s what we always hear.

But every time we talk about people leaving New Jersey, we get a pretty significant number of people calling in on the air talking about how they left and then came back.

Or people calling from the places they escaped to and lamenting all of the things they miss about New Jersey.

And although there is a ton to complain about here, sometimes we forget about the things that we would miss, and the things we take for granted because we live here. Mostly, they’re food related. For instance, we know that unless you move to New York, you’re not getting a decent piece of pizza or a decent bagel anywhere in your new environs; but that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

On a recent Reddit thread, people were asked what they would miss about New Jersey, and people who had left at some point talked about what they were sad to leave behind.

Cape May Beach (Photo: Tommy Kwak, Unsplash)
Cape May Beach (Photo: Tommy Kwak, Unsplash)

“The ocean. It has been a peaceful presence and steady companion my whole life.”

“everything I want within 45 minutes-major hospital, doctors, many restaurants, mall, shopping, colleges, big box stores, churches”

(Photo: Amie Johnson, Unsplash)
(Photo: Amie Johnson, Unsplash)

“The access to good beer…”

”I lived abroad for 4 years and besides family the things I missed most were all food related. Mostly pickles.”

NYC Skyline (Benny Rotlevy, Unsplash)
NYC Skyline (Benny Rotlevy, Unsplash)

“Proximity to NYC, [and] the airport. I have so many friends who live in other areas and anytime they want to go anywhere, they have to take connecting flights, where EWR you can generally fly nonstop, unless you're going to north or west bumblef**k.”

“Its good bread products, hands down. Rolls, bagels etc. I assume it's the water. I've found passable local bakeries where I am, but nothing holds a candle to NJ”

(Photo: Mike Erskine, Unsplash)
(Photo: Mike Erskine, Unsplash)

“varied activities within easy reach. I went to a drag brunch at a tex-mex cantina, hiked, and went to an outdoor gun club on Sunday, all within 20 minutes of home.”

“The things I miss most are the Italian food, my tuna subs, and American style Chinese food.” StrategicBlenderBall- “lived in Mississippi for 6 months. I missed everything. I almost made the move to NC a few years ago, but then I realized that NJ is by far the best place to live.”

(Photo: Ivan Torres, Unsplash)
(Photo: Ivan Torres, Unsplash)

“family, friends, food and Yankees baseball.”

“the intolerance for bulls**t and fakery”

“Family. That’s why I’m still here”

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